CAT Plan (Emergency Preparedness)


Morgan Roofing Contractors would like to assist you in the planning for your next CAT situation.     Within this document is our outlined proposal of how we can assist you to easily navigate through asphalt residential roof claims in the next Ontario based CAT.


Asphalt Residential roof claim can be defined on any residential structure with an asphalt shingle style roof.  If the structure is a semi-detached or any style of row housing, the roof will be broken down to represent the number of units the roof is covering.  Flat roofing and commercial roofing emergency services, estimating and re build services are available however and not covered with in this document.


Our objective is to assist in providing high quality response times, thorough accurate initial site reports, and emergency repairs to mitigate further loss, professional and courteous service, and rebuild estimates. 

Based on the region mapping of the claim zone that the CAT may take place in, our crew will be onsite at a Base of Operations within 12 to 24 hours of the CAT Plan being engaged.


All sites will be inspected and emergency repairs completed within 24 hours of receiving a completed Claim Assignments being assigned to and received by Morgan Roofing Contractors.  Within 24 hours of sites being inspected and emergency repairs completed Morgan Roofing Contractors will supply Inspection Reports, including a Roof Report, Summary of Emergency Services completed if any, Estimate for Repair and Invoice.


To summarize, within a minimum of 60 hours and a maximum of 72 hours after the CAT Plan is engaged, Morgan Roofing Contractors will be able to begin supplying you with all the required paperwork to process a roofing claim and ensure CAT claim handling operates efficiently and effectively.


This is a specialty plan and is designed for our commercial customers.  Contract signing required before the commencement of this plan to take place